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It doesn't seem possible to recount absolutely everything what we use

for both taking photographs and retouching them.

Here, we tried to list the tools that help us create, the tools that we truly love using.

We will be reviewing and editing this page when needed.

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Here in Tanya's ARTelier, as you can see from the services page, we offer wide range of types and styles of photography and depending on the task and requirements we use tools that will do particular job in the best way.
When exceptional details are vital Canon EOS 5DsR is a camera to execute the task with. It will be our choice for close ups of
product, makeup and beauty images but also for other types of photographs when fine details are absolutely must or if the photograph will be printed really big.
For the jobs that need to be done quickly, where the main use of the images will be the Internet and when there is no need to mess with huge files on post production stage, we in most cases, will be shooting with Canon EOS 5D Mark III that provides great quality capture huge amount of photographs done with Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera can be seeing on this website.


Alike the camera, the lens choice will be affected by the task. All lenses from the range we are using are pleasure to shoot with and each serves the job.
ZEISS Makro-Planar T* 100mm f/2 with it's superior and unique image quality in most cases will be the one chosen for
product photography and close-up photography.
head-shots, most of the portraits, for fashion photography, and some beauty images we mostly will be using these two lenses: the advanced and admired by many Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM often pared with Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM that is one of the most versatile lenses. Additionally, we have Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM when wider shot is needed. All famous for their sharpness and great quality.



We believe that lighting stands have to be steady, meaning able to do the job without making photographer think if lights will fall down in the middle of photo-shoot or not. For us the Avenger C-Stands by Manfrotto do the job perfectly and are absolute pleasure to work with. For many years they are proving us their reliability and durability.


We have selection of professional constant light units to be used if needed but great majority of our work is done with studio flashes. We execute our photo-shoots with BOWENS flash heads. The range includes: XMT500, Gemini 500Pro, Gemini 750 Plus and Esprit 1000. And they are great to shoot with. Selection of deffusers allows us to modify light in many different ways and control quality of it. For occasional outdoor sets we use Bowens Travelpak Battery System Kit.

Photo Retouching.

Our computer is Apple Mac Pro. It has became our solid foundation, it works smoothly and allows us to deliver great results to our clients.

Wacom Intuos helps us with precision in our retouching workflow.

With RAW files we are starting from either Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, depending on the project and requirements, however majority of post-processing work we do is done in Adobe Photoshop CC.  





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