Hi, I'm Tanya

And here is a bit about me.  
I was born surrounded by boxes of photographs and fell in love with this magic
from my early childhood... as a viewer. I grew up inspired by examples of old European school of portrait photography and by learning from the photographic works of my grandfather -

a lifelong photographer, but never dreamt to be photographer myself when was a child.

Happened, that photo retouching came first to my life as something serious and passionate. Through it I've found my way to becoming a photographer. 

I was a child who rarely smiled on the photos, I hated when people took photos of me, so I know how you feel when I'm pointing my camera on you and I'm constantly learning to make your photographic experience  better.
Love people, love diversity and believe everyone is beautiful it's just a matter of finding photographer that can see beauty in you and is able to show it to the world. I might be yours or might be not, but keep searching there is the one somewhere on the Earth.

I hope you've found something interesting for yourself on Tanya's ARTelier website.

Thank you for stopping by.


Tanya Mishchuk,

Internationally published Photographer, Photo Retoucher, Artist, 

Founder of Tanya's ARTelier.