All images shown on Tanya's ARTelier website were edited, retouched or/and manipulated in Tanya's ARTelier studio.


   Tanya's ARTelier offers different levels of retouching, from basic editing (examples can be found in 'headshots' sections of this website) to high-end retouching ('beauty' section) as well as everything in between, depending on your requirements.


   Prices for retouching are calculated per image and based on the amount of work that needs to be done and intended use of a the photo.


   Send us an e-mail at with your photo(s), (we love work with RAW images to develop the best for you) and with brief (a full description of the task), so an accurate price can be provided to you. If you are after a particular style, please include an example image also or link to it.


   We don't show 'before and after' of client's work on the Internet without permission, as well as all the rights stay with their respected copyright holders.