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Here is the place to get answers to the questions that everyone has about the session.

Please make sure you read them before asking :)



Where does the shoot take place?


Majority of the photo-sessions take place in Tanya's ARTelier photo studio.

We are located in Rosedale on the north shore of Auckland, New Zealand.

Just a 6min. walk from Constellation Bus Station, and a free parking spot, if you are driving.


How long does it take to get my images?


For head-shots usual turnaround time is

from four to seven business days after your session day

In busy time can be up to two weeks to get you retouched photos ready.

Note please, it may vary depending on the quantity of photos you've ordered.

If you have a deadline and need them faster, be sure to let us know when you book.

Can I get all the photos taken straight from the camera with no editing to use as they are?


Unfortunately it is not possible. The original format of the photos is not JPG,

we are shooting in RAW format, which means the photos must to be transferred to JPG

as they won't be even visible to you on your home computer in most cases, professional software will be needed. 

In our studio we offer the only final product to our clients to maintain the quality

and make sure you'll get the photos you'll be happy with.

Transferring your photos into the format useful for you is included in basic retouching fee,

so you don't have to pay additionally for this service.

What do we mean by ‘retouching’?

It is a manual care provided to the digital file (a photo) that keeps it look natural.
We don’t use filters. We don’t blur faces. We don't process bulks of photos automatically.
Each photo we pick for you will be taken care of, 

the distractions will be removed manually and carefully and what’s the best will be highlighted.
We remove blemishes and pimples
/these are temporary so no-one wants to keep them, right?/.
We remove destructive flyaway hair /if there will be any/.
We can do eyes brightening and teeth whitening /if needed/.
We will do some color correction, so the photo can look pleasing to the eyes of viewer.
We will crop the photo professionally to suit your purpose.
We will transfer your photo to the most useful JPG format

(if you have any specific requirements to the file format please let us know in advance)
We will prepare your photo for either web or print use.

What does the 'studio session time' mean (includes)?


The term ‘studio session time’ that we use, means the time that our studio is offered solely to you.
It includes:
- Photographer's experience, creativity, talent and work
(in some cases may include also one or two photographer's assistants if needed);
- Use of all the needed for the photo-session professional photography equipment;

- In some cases, use of studio props and furniture;
It is your time to spend on:
- Being on the set (in front of the lens);
- Change your looks (outfits);
- Changing/fixing/adjusting your hair or/and makeup;
- Can be spent on selecting from the taken photos, which ones and how many of them you'd like to be retouched for you (optional);

It may also include things like: lighting set up changes (adjustments), posing but not limited by those and can vary depending on each client's individual needs.
You can have as much time as you need /within reason/.

Studio time has to be paid before your photo session to secure your spot.

Note please!
Professionally retouched photos are not included in 'studio session time'

and have to be paid separately.

How do I prepare for the session?


Be well rested before the session to avoid unwanted tired red eyes on your photo.

Try to abstain from drug/alcohol use before the shoot day and drink plenty of water instead,

then your skin will look its best.

Arrive on time but please do not arrive more than 10min early we may have other clients scheduled before you.  

Please call (text) if you are running late or arrive earlier.

What to wear for the session?

These are some tips for you to have in mind while preparing:


That's important that clothes you are planning to bring were matching with your style and your personality.

Dress comfortable and check that everything fits you well, avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose, the camera is able to see it much better than human eye can usually notice.


Make sure any clothes that you bring are clean and neatly pressed, they should look new or like new. 

Modern cameras pick up a lot more detail than you may think.


Stay away from outfits with busy patterns. Solid colors look the best on photographs.

However, pure black clothes same as pure white clothes are the ones to avoid, as they tend to lose detail in some photographs

Collared button down shirts are always great.

Any color is great for tops, but remember very bright colors can draw away all the attention from your face so pick something that complements your eye color and matches your skin tone.

It is a good idea to bring plenty of options to choose from, especially if you are not sure.

To highlight masculinity.

For a standard business look wear a suit, dress shirt and a tie.

For a casual business look a jacket with an open dress shirt, or shirt and tie (no jacket), or dress shirt on its own.

Be sure shirts are in good condition are clean, pressed and fit you well.

Even though often for head-shots, your lower half won't make it into most of the pictures,

but don't neglect to pick some good pants for the shoot.


To highlight femininity,

Different necklines will change the appearance of the shape of your face.

V-neck tops are mostly great but it is a good idea to bring a variety of different shirts/blouses/business dresses to see what works the best.  

For no-jacket casual look, bring various colored blouses. Avoid big prints and busy patterns!

Solid colors are the best for business photo.

Be stylish and fashionable but remember the photo is about your face not your clothes.

Select what makes you feel comfortable and look good.



Keep jewellery extremely simple - smaller is better, this picture is all about you and your face, not accessories.



Hair and Makeup.

Please, come with clean and dry hair.

Nice fresh haircut makes a big difference on the photo especially if you have a short haircut.

Tidy hairstyle will save you on retouching.

Makeup we mostly advise for a femen look, it has to be clean and natural with no shimmers and sparkles for this type of photo

we would highly recommend you to have your makeup, hair and nails done professionally if you can. 


What to bring?

Do not forget your good mood as it's the main one to have with you! :)



If there is something we've missed and you don't see the answer to your question here,

feel free to email your question on

By booking with us you are agree that your photo might appear in photographer's portfolio.

If you'd like to be photographed anonymously, please make sure you have let us know before the session. 

No complains will be considered after photos were added to portfolio. Thank you for understanding.

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