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Some of your favorite Tanya's Photographs and exclusive designs available in Print!


Can be ordered  and shipped all around the world from Redbubble.

Excellent if you are after some gifts for your family and friends. 

Born in Style, with Love and dash of Humor

in our Tanya's ARTelier photo and art studio here in Auckland, New Zealand.


Created to Highlight your Individuality, Decorate your Space, Adorn your Lifestyle.


Printed on Clothing, Accessories, as Wall Art, Home Decor, Gifts and more... 

 Find what resonates with you and get it for yourself! 












In the gallery below you can see some examples of photos an design available.

Please use links (above) to get directly to the shop and explore the whole range.


All the Photos of the actual products in gallery by Redbubble.




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