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Happy New Year from Tanya's ARTelier!

To all our wonderful clients, friends and supporters. To everyone, who has been in our 2021.

A new year is nearly here and the whole world is rushing to meet it, with the hopes for the better. Just like we do it each year. So once again. But here and now, being those few days before the turning a calendar page, I feel like it is a good place to hold on for a moment and to thank everyone who has been with Tanya's ARTelier in 2021.

It wouldn't be surprising to say, 2021 wasn't an easy year for our studio too, forced to keep our door closed for months due to long lock-down, we felt it all, just like many other small businesses around the globe. Guessing, just like everyone who's in creative industry, what and how it all will be. But despite all the odds this strange year with such a mixed feelings about it has gifted us a lot. We met some absolutely amazing people this year, we served some truly fantastic clients, both new and returning ones, we had creative collaborations, and some projects of 2021 were a pure pleasure to work on. Now, looking back trough this whole year, we have to admit, some of those wouldn't happen if the things went differently.

So we certainly have something to be grateful for. We are meeting the 2022 in a good health, both mentally and physically, we are making step into a one more new year of life being inspired and determined and we too, just like everyone else, hope it will be a good year for all of us.

We'd love to wish you all a kind, an inspiring and prosperous 2022!

May it bring to you and the people you love many reasons to laugh!

May it be, as you dream about it!

Happy New Year!

May your Holiday Season be fantastically great!

And see you all in 2022!

Truly yours,

Tanya Mishchuk from Tanya's ARTelier Studio.

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